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Raven Breathable Felt Raven Breathable
A breathable roof underlay for cold and warm roof applications which give major benefits over traditional roof underlays.
Klober Permo Forte Breathable Felt Permo Forte Breathable
Permo Forte is a strong laminated sheet material, with outer layers of polypropylene, an inner layer of microporus polyethylene film and re-inforcement mesh.

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Klober Permo Forte Breathable Felt Permo Air
PermoŽ air is the most breathable air open low resistance underlay on the market. 3 layers and hydrophobically treated, it is the ideal solution where there is a high risk of condensation forming in the roofspace.

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Klober Span-Tech Non Breathable Underlay Sepa® forte (formerly Span-tech®)
Span-Tech is a three-layer non-breathable roofing underlay for use on pitched roofs.

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DuPont TyVek AtticWrap Tyvek
One of the most popular applications of Tyvek® is in the construction industry. It is used to increase air and water resistance, and provides better protection against water and moisture intrusion.
Proctor Group
Roofshield Roofshield
Roofshield is a three layer laminate designed to combine water hold out properties with high breathability. The central layer is a fine-fibred meltblown material which differs from other breather membranes on the market.

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Rose Roofing
Rose Roofing
1F Bituminous reinforced underslaters felt 1F
Traditional Bituminous reinforced underslaters felt.
15m roll.

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